Posted by Mike Anderson ● Jan 13, 2020 9:57:36 AM

Stateless in Network World

pat-kay-3d7DTnuNj6E-unsplashThanks to the Stateless team for continuing to push the technological innovation boundaries! 

Stateless’ success and traction in 2019 is a direct result of our fresh approach to innovations in network connectivity. We are simply providing customers with the option to improve efficiencies and deploy new network ecosystems that support the growing 5G, IoT and cloud requirements, which legacy network infrastructures are not equipped to handle.

During 2019, lots was accomplished! We introduced the industry’s first software-defined interconnect (SD-IX) network platform – the acclaimed Luxon, which achieved significant market recognition and customer interest. We also expanded our offices and received patents, awards, grants and our Series A funding. 

Stateless in the News

Fresh off 2020, Network World has published a very well written article on Luxon and its enablement of provisioning network functions as microservices. An excerpt is below but you can read the full article HERE

It has been almost a year since I first wrote about Stateless, Inc., a startup devoted to bringing software-defined interconnects (SD-IX) to colocation data centers At that time, the company was just announcing its plans to reinvent the means to connect workloads across data centers, hyperscale clouds and on-premises footprints using SD-IX. The intent was to give colo service providers a simpler way to quickly deploy network services for their tenants. Those plans have come to fruition and the company has announced the general availability (GA) of its Luxon SD-IX platform.

Here’s to a productive and successful 2020!

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