Posted by Rebecca Warren ● Jun 20, 2018 4:00:00 PM

The 3 Principles for a New Network Services Model

At their inception, network services were differentiating value-adds for cloud service providers, increasing customer lifetime value and attracting new business.

But today, tenants want a wider array of offerings that are deployed quickly and seamlessly. As a result, network services have become an operational bottleneck costing providers profits and employee time. 

To grow their revenue and own their market, cloud service providers need to rethink the way they approach network services.

Providers need to develop a new model focused on 3 key principles. 

The 3 Key Principles for a New Network Services Model

  1. Rapid Innovation: Quickly deploy customized services that grow with your business to maximize profits and differentiate from your competitors.
  2. Productize at Scale: Manage multitenant offerings effortlessly per tenant Quality of Service, efficient resource allocation and innate HA. 
  3. Fine Grain Control: Command your hosting environment with unprecedented visibility, rich data APIs and high-levels of customization.

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