Posted by Eric Keller ● Mar 12, 2017 5:56:00 PM

Huge Milestone for Stateless - First Datacenter Deployment


Friday, March 10th, 2017, marked a huge day for Stateless. We’re deploying our solution into the Earthnet datacenter for a proof of concept. We’re so excited to work with Earthnet’s forward thinking and innovative CEO, Bahman Saless, and his team.


Thanks to the team of Dan Noland (pictured), Matt Moskowitz, and Emma Ramirez for your hard work getting the system released and deployed.

It’s worth talking about how we engage with potential customers at this stage in our company. Right now, we envision three steps of the engagement. We’ll evolve and improve this over time, and we’re flexible in working around our customers’ own processes, but this is our general approach.


Proof of Concept 

In the proof of concept, our goal is to provide initial proof that stability, functionality, ease of use, performance, and resilience are satisfactory to the data center operator. We are not working with production traffic at this point. Instead, we install our system, in a sandboxed environment, then we will set up a server as a new tenant of the data center (that is, we become the “test” tenant), and generate traffic and events (such as failure) to demonstrate the system operation.


Here, the goal is to quantify the performance, resilience, and cost efficiency with live customer traffic. The live traffic comes in two forms: 1) tapping live traffic and running through the Stateless service (not affecting the traffic, but still allowing the operator to quantify how our platform performs with live traffic), and upon passing tests with that, 2) switching some low-profile (e.g., free tier) traffic to pass through the Stateless service.

Full deployment 

Upon metrics meeting expectations, we expect to move to full deployment where our service can serve production traffic. We understand there is risk in going with a new company for their network infrastructure. For our first early customers that help us out, we will work with them to ensure they receive something beneficial to them — they will receive a deep discount for an extended period of time, they will receive guaranteed support, and of course, will have great influence over our product definition.

Get in touch with us at if you are interested in deploying our solution in your datacenter.

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